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April 16, 2011

hey lovelies :)

It has been definitely quite a while since we last updated.
Work has been taking over our time tremendously however, we are here to announce we have set up our PRELOVED SITE
and all items are BRAND NEW unless stated otherwise.

All of the items are in good condition rest assured. For any enquiries, do contact us at

Till then,

have a good weekend :)

Hey Ho!

April 25, 2010

Hey loves :)

We know we have been under the radar for quite a bit ever since March began. This is due to our new work commitments. However, we are currently working on a wonderful project in mind and rest assured, updates will resume soon enough.
In the meanwhile, we have decided to go wild and crazy with the prices of course ;) All prices of remaining items are slashed to no end and if you have been eyeing certain items for quite a while now, this is your golden chance. Drop by
Hurry up and drop us an email at
Happy Weekends!

Hey Ho!

March 20, 2010
Hey there loves :)

We've updated with our latest and yet another fully imported collection. We hope you will be able to find your eye-candy and as always, to purchase, drop us an email at complete with your name/address/contact details and together with the item(s) you would like to purchase. Do bear in mind that this is extremely important alright?

Have a great weekend loves!

nb: do click on older posts for more updates!

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March 5, 2010

gorgeous cut!

majorrr love ;)

impeccable and very flattering toga-style ;)

ruched puffy sleeves with sheer lace details

drool-worthy killer cut!

navy blue


effortlessly sinful ;D

upclose: lace details ;)

We have certainly seen toga making their stamp last season and this time around, the toga has been revamped and taken up a notch. If there's any style that will always be in trend, our bet is the toga ;) We adore the absolutely drool-worthy togalicious cut that emphasizes on the shoulders and afterall, strong shoulders are the worthy key note this phase babes :))

We adore the shoulder padded off-sleeves and the intricate and gorgeous lace details in this awesome bodycon baby. It comes armed with ruched slightly puffy sleeves with a killer bodycon cut. Now, this is versatility speaking.

Price: RM 49

Colours: Noir/Navy Blue

fits uk6-12

Material: lace with inner lining

Length: 31''



gorgeous glittery bodycon ;))

love the glittery golden hue! ;)

ruched puffy sleeves :D

We aren't over our majorr love this season that's the strong and extra voluminous shoulders :) It's no wonder why the strong shoulders trend is still much to die for and we have certainly, been hit by the bug as well. This bodycon has the most amazing killer bodycon hug and it flatters you to no end loves. We love its slightly glittery golden hue which sets it a step up from the rest. And not to mention, the ruched puffy sleeves for additional soft volume to make those bold shoulders stand out from the crowd.

Price: RM50

fits uk4-10

Length: 31''






to diee for really :)

loving the whole military ensemble!

them bold shoulders :)

delicious golden military buttons !

androgyny and veryy chic.

high-collar cut :)

golden military buttons on em sleeves too!

We are definitely blown away by this awesomely fierce militarian beauty ;) Armed with its to die for killer cut with tailored bold shoulders and complete military regalia- this is one killer blazer we tell you! This beauty is so versatile as you can pair this with panel bodycon skirts/tapered pants/leggings and so many more to ace this killer look. We love how the whole military ensemble is set up with its golden military buttons details on both sleeves and front panel of the blazer. And don't get us started on the delicious high-neck collar cut. This is a definite worthy investment loves!

Price: RM 70

Fits uk6-10

Material: top notch thick cotton (perfect for our weather)





gorgeous mesh details :)

very flattering cut loves!

glitter goodness with mesh details :)

backview: mesh covered details

absolutely gorgeous!

With the scorching heat these days, nothing like a good simple top comforts us. And we do not have to sacrifice looking good loves! We have this amazing sleeveless glitter top with gorgeous mesh details that is to dieee for! We love such a minimalist beauty can transform one look to a polished one instead. The mesh details add such a great enhancement to sensuality without overdoing it and the glitter details are a great delight altogether. Pair this with liquid leggings or bandage skirt- you are ready to take down the house ;)

Price: RM 40

fits uk4-10

Pit-to-pit: 15.5''




gorgeous lace bustier bodycon ;)

absolutely drool-worthy !

impeccable bodycon cut

love the exposed golden zipper touch :)

eye candy :)

what's not to love ;))

smocked back for perfect fit

close up: smocked details

WOWW ! It has been quite awhile now since we have seen any gorgeous bustier bodycon around. And let alone, one with impeccable killer cut and gorgeous lace motif :) This lace beauty is certainly to die for. It does wonders to enhance your curves loves and what a gorgeous finish it is. We love the exposed zipper details running all the way down the front panel of the bodycon with intricate lace rosette details adding a melancholy touch to it. And no worries about the fit as it is smocked back to fit all bodyshapes. Do play up on the accessories and you are complete for a great night out!

Price: RM 55

fits uk4-10

Length: 30''



Lace Fairytale

dainty and very demure :)

love the whole chic ensemble and the nude colour :D

love the asymmetrical fish-tail hem

lovely ruched puffy sleeves with gorgeous lace details ;))

We are constantly searching for the ultimate cardigan and we got to far, this has to be our favourite this time around ;) We adore the gorgeous lace motif with is slightly different from the usual lace styles. And the nude/cream colour is to dieee for being this season's IT colour loves. It's all over the runway with designer like Chanel/Calvin Klien showcasing the best in nude colours. And the ruched puffy sleeves add a great soft volume touch to it and the asymmetrical fish-tail hem has to take the cake loves. Gorgeous in every way. A worthy investment loves!

Price: RM 55

fits uk 6-10

Material: top notch lace quality with inner lining

Pit-to-pit: 16''


Summer Palette


uber chic ;)

love the ditsy and summer romper!

excellent cutting as you can see;)

bubbly and fun!

close up: gorgeous painted summer palette

side pockets

We are definitely into bubbly and fun outfits this time around! And nothing cheers you up like a good array of neon-popping hues with gorgeous summer palettes :) We adore this romper to bits and the cut/style/colours/versatility all makes it very wearable. With scorching heat like these days, we are going to need more rompers right loves? ;) Pair it with a structured blazer or just wear it with a cardigan if you wish or even layer it over a crop top- you are good to go. What we love about it is its gorgeous almost whimsical hues- perfect!

Price: RM 55

fits uk4-10

Length: 26''

Pit-to-pit: 15.5''